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Mistress Countessa Manchester
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 4 reviews
 by Ralph75
Outcall Surprise

The Mistress kindly agreed to meet me at my hotel near Manchester Airport at the end of May just before I was off abroad for a while.

Arrived at the hotel bang on time dressed casually but really smart and hilariously carrying her implements in a normal shopping bag. Met her at the car, had a warm hug and catch up.

Due to circumstances I hadn't seen her for an age, and this was well overdue.
It was really like catching up with an old trusted friend. One smile from her just melts and relaxes me.

She is such a nice genuine person.

Arrived at my room. Had her favourite refreshment ready. She went to change in the bathroom.

We'd agreed the session beforehand and she knows my likes limits and where I want to be pushed.

Emerged in a figure hugging leather dress and stockings with not much underneath. Had a wonderful hour of erotic tie and tease, anal play- she has special toys for me- plugs, dildos and a big latex cock, which she knows very well how to insert and my tolerences but always takes me that little bit further every time, body worship, some cbt and to finish me off to an explosion she gave me a fantastic prostrate massage and milking.

Brilliant. Thanks so much for looking after me so well. All my cares melted away and I was bouncing for days.

I will be seeing you very soon. You are kind, amusing, cruel, assertive and honest. Everything you could want.

I'll come and see this lady as long as she'll have me.

 by Rodeo57
Reported to Countessa

Countessa txted me to say that it was time that I reported to My Mistress ..... this is our "private arrangement", in that Countessa decides when I need to report. ... our sessions are always 2 hrs.

I duly contacted Countessa and was instructed when to report .... and was told I MUST bring nettles. Mistress also asked if I had any preference for her outfit ..... I asked if Mistress would wear her thigh length boots this time.

On the day, I duly arrived, I txted Mistress and was promptly told to come to the door, as Mistress was nearly ready. On entering, Mistress made a welcome cup of tea and left me to change ...... Mistress likes me dressed as a Slutty Girl .... Mistress went to finish getting herself ready.

Mistress returned and the session immediately started .... I was instructed to kiss and worship Mistress's thigh length boots, I was then told to polish & shine Mistress's latex blouse that Mistress was wearing.

I was then instructed to get over the bench and I was soundly spanked, before Mistress caned me ....... I was made to count and thank Mistress for every stroke.

Mistress then asked if I would like my poppers ..... I was told to beg to be given them. Mistress told me to put my gas-mask on and I was given them through the mask.

I was then tied to the cross with my legs forced apart .... this was so Mistress could use the nettles on my cock & balls. Initially, Mistress was just gently brushing the nettles, but this soon changed to Mistress rubbing and forcing the nettles over my cock & balls. At this point Mistress suddenly left the room, but immediately returned with another Mistress, so that they could both enjoy my discomfort as Countessa continued the nettle torture.

Eventually, I was untied and told to lie on the other bench ..... Mistress promptly tied me down .... I was then tormented with the electrics, before Mistress produced her sounds. Mistress has only recently been learning from another Mistress to use these and it was already agreed, that Countessa could "use" me to practice.

Eventually, I was untied and told to get on my knees. Mistress then fastened on the strap-on that we use ..... I was forced to suck it like a dirty slut .... Mistress like to grab my hair and force it down my throat until I gag .... this always amuses Countessa.

It was then time for anal play ( another of Countessa's favourites ). I was tied on the bench ..... Mistress ensured I was well lubricated before using her fingers to get me prepared ... Mistress then gave me more poppers before giving me a long hard fucking with the strap-on.

Throughout the session, Mistress continued to administer the poppers ..... but Mistress is always watching my reactions, to ensure that we don't over use them. We know each other well, as I have sessioned with Countessa for a while, so Mistress knows how I react.

Finally, I was allowed to cum ....... Mistress used the magic wand to tease me until I cum but Mistress likes to watch me then swallow it all.

After helping Countessa to tidy up / clean things in the room .... this is just our little "routine" ... it was time for another brew with a choccy biscuit and a chat about the session, to ensure we had both had "fun". After a nice hug, it was time to face the world and drive home.

 by Ralph
Obedient Slave

I first met the Countessa when on a work trip to Manchester a year ago and never looked back. I was a regular visitor to another lady for some years until she retired. It took me a while to find someone as good, reliable and such a master at her trade.

It's 3 hrs for me one way to see her from home, but she is worth it.

She works from a really well equipped dungeon in North Manchester. It's safe, clean and welcoming, on a residential street and you would not know it was there in passing.

I have often met her at my hotel. She turns up really smart and well equipped. But don't let that innocent look deceive you.

Would highly recommend becoming a regular. Whilst she caters for what I need, there is always something fresh and original. She is very attentive of me and we have great chat before and after.

Thanks for looking after me so well. A fantastic mistress and a kind honest and interesting person to know.

 by Rodeo57
My Mistress

I have been visiting Countessa Domina for a couple of years now and keep returning as Mistress is just so good. Mistress has a great personality as well as having a fantastic figure .... which looks even better in any of Mistress's latex outfits.

Mistress works from an easy to find location Nr Bury ...... Sat-Nav will take you right outside. It is just a normal street with people passing ... but no-one will take any notice of you. No problems with parking either. The actual door to enter is not over-looked.
The premises are fantastically well equipped, with several different themed rooms, to suit different scenarios. Although this is used by several Mistresses, it is VERY discreet and you will never see any-one else whilst you are there.

Mistress is friendly and easy to talk to and likes to take time to chat before a session to discuss any ideas ( and any limits ). Mistress enjoys emails with suggestions for sessions ..... but is happy to add her own "twist" to the session. Once the session starts .... Mistress is definitely in control.
It is obvious that Mistress enjoys what she does .... but also cares that I enjoy myself ....... but not too much, as I am supposed to be there to be punished.

I don't want to go into too much detail of our sessions .... Mistress and I like to keep this private.
I am usually instructed to start the session by worshipping Mistress and this often includes being made to "shine" Mistress's latex outfit.
I know Mistress enjoys caning me ....... Mistress is accurate with the cane, before I am restrained and teased and tormented.

After the session it is usually time for tea & biscuits and a chat to ensure everything was OK and a chance to "recover" to go back and face the world.
As before ...... no-one will notice you leaving.